Vortilex is a Gropaga and a member of the Council of Eight Ofideyi. Originally, he was but a lowly Gropaga tuning into Inglip's word occasionally. When the Council became inactive, it was suggested new members be elected and old ones removed. Vortilex took this as a calling and eventually joined. He assumed the role of "The Watcher" and mainly looked out for Yadvan spies. However, he received a quest from Inglip that is currently ongoing. Upon receiving the quest, he became "The Hunter." Most recently, he challenged the Charmtone SPANPORCH to a duel

Early MonthsEdit

Vortilex was not initially aware of Inglip's summoning until a few more communiques reached him. Shortly after, he became a full Gropaga, though never engaged enemies directly, and felt afraid to hear Inglip's word. For many months, he felt it sufficient to follow Inglip's word as told by others, but never contact the Dark Lord.

Council of Eight OfideyiEdit

After six months, the first Council of Eight Ofideyi was shown to have become lax in their duties. Only two of them remained. The Gropaga Xelajohn called for a new Council, and the remaining members quickly chose Leissa_Schriever the Great Warrior, Erivandi the Traitor (now the Penitent), Xelajohn the Suromer, and Cevian the Summoner. The Council decided to add two more members, electing AriBBCP and Vortilex for his previous leadership skills in other circles. Vortilex became the Watcher, looking out for heathen warriors and suffering Gropagas. He trained in secret, under cover of night. Many mornings he would arrive to breakfast with a tattered clothume and tired eyes. He trained so that one day, he hoped the Dark Lord would call upon him to go one a quest of his own, and give him a greater purpose than watching the Gropagas.

The HunterEdit

Finally, that day came. Inglip sent him on a quest. He was to hunt for Termhet of Yogic and Theresa Aualife, and then secure the Upassi. This would be done in anticipation of the coming of Herman. Vortilex set out to find Termhet of Yogic, who resided in the Netherlands. However, he had arrived far too late, for Termhet had died years before. Inglip revealed that the one who could restore Termhet to life would be among the Ilastf Unbelievers, and that person was Theresa Aualife. He set out to find her, with Ytheyea as a danger to himself.

After months of hunting, Vortilex was notified of a new danger. Shaskel had amassed a following known as the Charmtones, with openbest and SPANPORCH as the two most dangerous. Vortilex decided he must abandon his quest temorarily, and challenged SPANPORCH to a duel.